Dr. Kathy Hayrynen Awarded the 2023 Fred Linebarger Teaching Award

CLEVELAND, OH, April 25, 2023 – Dr. Kathy Hayrynen, Vice President of Research & Development, was awarded the 2023 Fred Linebarger Teaching Award today by the Cast Iron Division of the American Foundry Society Technical Council.

The award was established in 2015 and honors the late Dr. Fred Linebarger (Director of Technology for Miller & CO) who devoted his career to the development of treatment alloys and processes for the production of both ductile and compacted graphite iron.

Dr. Fred was known for his teaching skills, namely an ability to take complex concepts and break them down into simple bites that anyone could understand. He served as a mentor to many technical employees in the metalcasting industry.

The award honors Dr. Kathy’s efforts mentoring and sharing her knowledge. It emphasizes her role in and the importance of education in the metalcasting industry. It also recognizes her willingness to share knowledge with others by teaching fundamentals of metalcasting to students, customers and industry peers . She serves as a mentor to the next generation of metalcasting professionals, especially women in the industry.

Steve Wyatt, President of Aalberts surface technologies adds, “We are proud that our own ‘Dr. Kathy’ is the recipient of the 2023 Fred Linebarger Teaching Award. For more than 25 years, Dr. Kathy has been advancing the science of metal casting, developing new and better ways to manufacture ductile iron products, and mentoring future generations of innovators. We are thrilled to see her recognized for her invaluable contributions.”