Garlington Facility Nadcap Accredited

GREENVILLE, SC January 7, 2022   Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing, a full service provider of thermal processing and metal joining solutions, announces that it received Nadcap® accreditation for its Garlington Road facility in Greenville, SC for Heat Treating.

“Nadcap accreditation demonstrates conformance to stringent standards for the aerospace supply chain. It recognizes Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing’s commitment to delivering the highest quality standards to our customers. I am extremely proud of our team’s hard work and achievement through the quality audit process. Nadcap accreditation enables us to stay at the forefront of meeting the needs of aerospace manufacturers. With HIP technology at our Garlington Road facility in Greenville, we continue to meet the needs of customers that demand the highest quality,” says Brent Davis, President of Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing.

Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing received Nadcap® accreditation for demonstrating ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications.

“Nadcap® accreditation is globally recognized as a hallmark of quality, and is a major accomplishment. For many years, the aerospace industry has incorporated Nadcap into its approach for handling risk, as it demonstrates compliance to industry standards and customer requirements. I am delighted therefore, that Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing has achieved Nadcap accreditation for Heat Treating, and all their hard work has paid off,” said Jay Solomond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute.

Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing, a subsidiary of Aalberts N.V., is a full service, one-stop shop for HIP, Vacuum Brazing, and Heat Treating. It is tailored to support the Aerospace, Additive, and Power Generation markets. Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing has facilities located in South Carolina, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Aalberts surface technologies-Accurate Brazing Scope of Accreditation can be found here Scope Of Accreditation Nadcap (Aerospace) Heat Treating audit # 208945