Meet Brian Thurston

Meet Brian Thurston. He is the new Quality Manager for Aalberts surface technologies-accurate brazing’s Manchester, CT facility.

Brian has been part of the team since mid 2020 and was recently promoted to Quality Manager in Manchester. His road to quality management was not a direct path. He had stints in transportation and manufacturing before he enrolled in Manchester Community College. He concentrated his studies in the Precision Manufacturing program. From there, he landed a job in Quality and the rest is history.

He feels that quality guru Edward Deming said it best with, “Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” And, “Quality must be recognized at every level.”

Getting everyone on board with this concept can sometimes be a challenge, but Brian works to make sure everyone is engaged with quality management.

“[Quality] is ever changing. There are so many variables. Every problem that arises has to be tackled differently,” says Brian. He adds, “you can never really get bored of quality.”

Brian says the best advice he ever received is that “if anyone at all is willing to sit down and teach something…shut up and listen. Education isn’t free and if you have someone openly willing to teach you something on their free time, happily accept it.”

Brian was born and raised in Vernon, CT and still resides there. On the occasional Saturday away from work, you will find him doing his favorite things. He might be breaking and rebuilding his Jeep or working on his house. Or, he might be sitting by the firepit enjoying a craft ale or a neat whiskey. And you will always find him cheering on his favorite teams – the Red Sox and the Raiders.