Meet Craig Beaumier

Meet Craig Beaumier (pronounced Bo – Me – A), Director of Business Development. He is the newest member of the Accurate Brazing team.

Craig’s career spans all forms and facets of business development and sales. From the age of 8 when he delivered The Cleveland Plain Dealer with his brother, he has demonstrated his strong work ethic and tenacity. And, he has worked in companies of all sizes – from mom & pop operations to Fortune 10 companies. Craig proudly lives by a key piece of advice received early in his life: “Your handshake is your word.”

Craig’s career brought him into some of the largest HIP’ing projects across the country. This includes the project at Accurate Brazing that led to identical HIP units side by side at the Garlington facility in Greenville, SC.

He has a passion for helping customers become successful by being a strategic partner for their supply chain. Craig is especially excited about being at Accurate Brazing, where it is a true one-stop shop for brazing, heat treat, and HIP’ing – with the ability to offer all of these services under one roof. Plus, he can offer a vast array of other services through the network of Aalberts sister companies.

While Craig touts a long list of personal and professional accomplishments and is a military veteran, he may be most proud of being married (for almost 30 years) to his childhood sweetheart. But a close second is being father of four. On the weekends you can find him spending time with family and rooting for all Cleveland and Ohio sports.