Meet Mark Walker

Meet Mark Walker, Accurate Brazing’s Production Manager – Braze. Mark is based at the Goffstown, NH facility. He has been part of the team in NH for over 25 years – since 1996!

Mark was originally hired as an entry level laborer by Steve Francis and had very little prior exposure to brazing. Through the years, he received great mentoring from both Steve and Hazen Earle. This fostered an environment for Mark to learn the business and grow into his current position.

He is proud of how his hard work has paid off. Mark feels lucky to have come on board at Accurate Brazing when it was a smaller company, and he was cross trained so that he could cover all areas if needed. He feels that the cross-training gives him a better understanding of what is required to be successful in the day-to-day challenges of production.

Asked about the biggest misconception of his job Mark offered the following. “The biggest misconception of our business is when someone over-simplifies brazing. A lot of times a customer can get themselves into trouble without knowing all that is involved before manufacturing. Some of the common issues are: base materials, braze gaps & geometry, braze alloy choice, coefficient of expansion of dissimilar materials, and materials used for surface finishing. We take pride in working with our customers to help meet their goals.”

Mark grew up in southern New Hampshire and currently resides in central New Hampshire. When not at work, you can find Mark and his family at the racetrack where they cheer on his Jack. Jack races Legends cars and holds multiple track championships – including three world titles. They have raced all over the country and it has been an awesome experience for Mark and his family.