Meet Tamara LaMontagne

Meet Tamara LaMontagne. She is Accurate Brazing’s Purchasing Manager in Goffstown, NH. With Accurate Brazing for six years, Tamara oversees purchasing for all the divisions. She secures quotes/proposals, places material orders, and makes sure that shipping is on time. She says the favorite part of her job is connecting with people, including both outside vendors and the team at Accurate Brazing.

Did you know that Tamara worked in the school system as a Special Ed Teacher before she joined Accurate Brazing? Early in her career, she spent 10 years as Production Coordinator at Hooven Metal Treating. You might say she has come full circle. She is not only back in the industry where she started, but also working alongside some the same folks she started out with at HMT.

A native of Ipswich, MA , Tamara now resides in Kingston, NH where she stays very active. Outside of work you might find her running, gardening, or managing home improvement projects. But, her favorite activity (besides cheering on her Patriots and beloved seven-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady) is spending time with her family, especially her college-aged twin boys.