Meet Bob Sartori

So, what about Bob? Meet Bob Sartori, the General/Operations Manager of Accurate Brazing’s facility in Manchester, CT. He’s come a long way from his days as a teenager picking tobacco, but not too far from where he grew up in Enfield, CT. Bob currently resides in the rural town of Columbia, CT and has called it home for the last 22 years.

Bob has been part of the Accurate Brazing team for over 10 years. Did you know that he created and presented the business plan to open the CT facility? Bob received approval on the greenfield operation from Accurate Brazing’s president and parent company, Aalberts N.V. The plant is a success.

“Parts are easy, people can be difficult,” was a nugget of wisdom he received from his supervisor 35 years ago. Bob took it to heart and has navigated both people and parts well ever since.

When Bob is not at the plant, you might find him behind the wheel, or under the hood, of one of his classic Chevrolets – a 1963 Impala SS or a 1966 Caprice. Make sure to connect with Bob on LinkedIn and say, “Hello!”