sustainability for all stakeholders

Aalberts is built of no-nonsense, straight-talking, proudly technical people, who engineer mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. So it should be no surprise that sustainability has been a concern since 1975 because, well, it’s just common sense.

Day in, day out, the Aalberts team of over 16,000 entrepreneurs worldwide is focused on achieving our objectives as sustainably as possible. From creating technologies that enable our customers to enhance their own businesses and get the planet back into good shape, to ensuring our own operations are as clean, green, and waste-free as possible. We are there, relentlessly working. Because that’s ‘the Aalberts way’. 

And at Aalberts surface technologies-accurate brazing, we believe there is no magic technology or machine that will save the planet overnight. But there are many inventions that are being made or have yet to even be imagined that can cut down waste, introduce efficiencies, and contribute to a greener society.

Aalberts has been on this pathway since day one and at Aalberts surface technologies-accurate brazing we too are working to ensure that the mission-critical technologies we develop are clean, green and non-polluting throughout their lifecycle.

3 megatrends are shaping our future

From rising sea levels to natural resource depletion, everywhere we look there seems to be an environmental challenge. So, from our position as engineers, inventors and innovators, what’s our take? We identify three equally ground-breaking megatrends prompting structural shifts in our industries where our mission-critical technologies can help.

  • Urbanization
  • Internet of things
  • Energy & resource scarcity

sustainable impact

We enable a clean, smart and responsible future. Keep an eye out as we begin to report progress toward our benchmarks. We focus on progress in everything we do. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.