Meet Christy Deliberto

Meet Christy Deliberto. She is Accurate Brazing’s Quality Director for the southeast, based in Greenville, South Carolina.

Christy has been with Accurate Brazing for just over two years. Her hard work and impact are seen here daily. She says, “People often think of quality as a ‘paper pusher’ type office position, but there is more to it than that. There are so many projects involved with problem solving and improving processes that you are constantly trying to come up with ideas to make things easier, more efficient, and effective. There is rarely a day that goes by that my engineering background doesn’t come into play to help make that happen.”

She has always had a passion for engineering. In college Christy’s first professional job was part-time as a tester at a packaging company that designed and printed cardboard boxes. She verified the strength of the cardboard upon arrival and analyzed the colors that were printed to make sure they met requirements. The cool part about this job was that the company was (and still is) owned by Robert Kraft, who during the time that she worked there, purchased the New England Patriots. She was able to score some good “leftover” tickets for concerts and sporting events.

About 10 years ago, her previous employer chose to move her and her family from Massachusetts to Greenville. She is proud of the fact that they chose her due to her strong engineering background and the great relationships developed with customers in the area.

South Carolina is quite a distance – over 1,000 miles – from where she grew up in Maine. Her parents still have a summer “camp” on a small lake outside of Portland. This is where she spent her summers as a child. Now a resident of Simpsonville, on the weekends you can find her hiking and searching for one of the area’s many waterfalls. If she is not out on a trail, you might also find her cheering her kids on as they play lacrosse or swim on the neighborhood team. She is quite the competitor herself – whether playing softball, golf, or field hockey (which she used to coach at all levels – college, high school, and club).

Christy can attribute the best piece of advice she has gotten to Bill Rose, former owner of Fabrico, Inc. – “You can make anything happen as long as you have the 3 T’s. The right Tools, Training, and Time.” She has definitely taken this to heart as she builds her team and ensures the highest quality for Accurate Brazing’s customers.