Meet Frank Little

Meet Frank Little, Finance Director of Aalberts surface technologies-accurate brazing. Frank is based in the Goffstown, NH facility and has been part of the team for just over 5 years.

Frank leads financial reporting, forecasting, and planning for the company. He says one of the biggest challenges of his job is to manage expectations established by our forecasts. He works with the Plant Managers each month to make sure they have as much information as possible regarding revenues and expenses to produce acceptable results.

The team he works with is his favorite part of the job. And, he feels that over the last couple of years an incredible team has been created. Even though the team is spread across many miles and multiple locations, it is a cohesive unit that works well together. And Frank adds that “the best part is we all like each other and I think I speak for all of us.”

Frank grew up in Derry, NH – the hometown of the first American in space, Alan Shepard. He says that “at 5’6” and the last name Little, I always got teased.” Years ago, he received some great advice. He was told to “embrace who I am and never let anybody make you feel you’re anything less.” He added that “those who know me best know that even though I’m shorter than most, I’ve got a heart bigger than many.”

Frank’s first job was rather unusual. In Junior High and High School, he worked at a cemetery. He mowed lawns, dug graves, and even performed burials.

Frank now resides in Concord, NH where he stays very active outside of work. He and his wife are currently on a quest to hike all 48 of New Hampshire’s mountains that are over 4,000 feet in elevation. Frank loves to bike and ride his Harley. During summer weekends you will probably find him on Newfound Lake. In the winter, you will find him on the ski slopes. And when he is able to get away, he pursues his passion for scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.

If you have stopped by the offices in Goffstown in the last few months, you have likely had the pleasure of meeting Bentley, Frank’s 11-year-old Wheaton Terrier. Bentley lost his brother Winston to cancer recently. To keep him from being lonely, he started coming with his dad to work. Bentley has quickly found lots of new friends and is now the beloved, unofficial mascot of the Goffstown facility.