Meet Sam Postich

Meet Sam Postich, Lead HIP Technician at Aalberts surface technologies – HIP | braze | heat treatment’s HIP’ing Center of Excellence. Sam is based in the Garlington facility in Greenville, SC and has been part of the team for almost two years.

Sam’s entire career has been in the heat treat industry. He worked in his family’s business while he was in college at the University of South Carolina. After graduation he joined the business full time. It was a metal fabrication company that specialized in the design and production of rod frame work baskets and specialty fixtures, serving commercial and captive heat treaters. His family sold the business in 2013. Sam continued to sell fabricated and cast nickel alloy furnace products to heat treaters. But, it wasn’t too long before he moved into working for commercial heat treaters.

He thinks the biggest misconception about his job is more of an industry misconception. Sam feels like the general public is unfamiliar with the importance of the heat treatment of metals. He says that “Many are just not aware of the necessity of the controlled heating and cooling processes that modern furnaces provide as well as the materials science behind the manufacturing of critical parts, such as aircraft parts.”

Being able to provide the highest level of service to customers brings a lot of satisfaction to Sam. He especially enjoys working with those in additive manufacturing who are pushing manufacturing to new levels.

Sam feels like the best advice he ever received came from observing his father. His dad took pride in his work, treated people with respect, and led by example. These are qualities that Sam puts into practice daily.

Growing up for most of his childhood in Simpsonville, SC, Sam’s first job was at Fox Run Country Club. And, you will still find him playing golf there nearly every weekend with lifelong friends. If he isn’t on the golf course, then he is probably with his family – enjoying good food and good music and maybe some Gamecock football.