Meet Jodi Staniels

Meet Jodi Staniels, Accurate Brazing’s Production Coordinator for the Goffstown, NH division.

Jodi has been with Accurate Brazing for 27 years. She started with the company in the prep room. At that time there were only seven employees…in the whole company.

It didn’t take Jodi long before she began helping in the production office making job cards and doing filing. Today, you can still find her in production. And, you will probably still find her making job cards, but she has a long list of responsibilities as Production Coordinator. Some of her tasks include: sending quotes, relaying info to customers, coordinating with the Braze or Heat Treat manager when parts are done, sending invoices, or tracking employee attendance, time sheets, and time off.

Jodi says one of the biggest misconceptions of her job is that people don’t realize all that is involved day to day. She is a very good multi-tasker and communicator. She says these attributes are key to coordinating across all departments. Jodi’s favorite parts of her job include being appreciated by customers and feeling that her co-workers are like family.

She is a New Hampshire native, and resides in her hometown of Manchester.

Jodi enjoys reading and solving word puzzles. On the weekends you might find her running errands or spending time with her two grandchildren.